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1. My sales staff are already calling our customers. How is your system different?

It ultimately comes down to results. Nearly all of our over 1300 clients have said the exact same thing, yet we have still run thousands and thousands of campaigns, all with the same predictable results. What’s more, our campaigns create energy and excitement in the showroom! Your sales team will feel as though you understand their challenges, and are willing to take the steps to help them do their jobs better.

2. We run private sales all the time!


Awesome! Except ours is a system, not a sale. In fact, our campaigns can run alongside your sales, without having to replace any of your other programs. There are no balloons. No gimmicks. Just real, guaranteed results.

3. We already hit our database with too many communications!

Are you looking for quantity or quality? 


Before trying our program, many of our clients have thought that they’ve already exhausted their database. However, we’ve found that the quality of our messaging is what converts these leads into appointments. 


Besides, are your customers even opening your messages? At it’s best, direct mail has an inbound response rate of what… 3%? Emails are no better. Our campaigns never go below a 21% IBR (inbound response rate), guaranteed.

4. So, how do you actually get the leads? 

We have combined an incredible digital platform with proven messaging psychology to generate real, valuable communications with your customers. Not only can we automate ringless voicemail, SMS text, and emails, but we’ve actually analyzed thousands of past campaigns to work out exactly what works, and what doesn’t. We will hit your database with a sniper-like approach, targeting the right set of customers at the right time, with the right message.

5. What’s so great about your messaging?


We use raw, authentic, genuine scripts that don’t sound like the sales and marketing department had anything to do with it. Through careful analysis of thousands of campaigns, we have perfected the tone, pace, and sequence of our outbound messaging. We understand customer psychology, and we know what works.

6. Are you fully compliant? 

YES! 100%! We actually have a full time compliance officer in-house, sometimes referred to lovingly as the “anti sales department.”

7. How many appointments should we get from 200-300 inbound leads?


Typically our clients book 30-40% of inbound leads into appointments at the dealership.  



8. What should we expect in vehicle sales?


Vehicle sales depend on a couple factors such as data accuracy and the sales team. Most first time clients sell between 15-20 new vehicles, but we've seen as high as 40.

9. What if we aren’t prepared to handle that type of volume?

We’ve got you! There are 2 options…


If you choose to handle the inbound calls yourself, all you need are just 2-3 dedicated people to handle the program. They will attend an on-boarding launch call where we will provide the necessary scripts and training before the program goes live. Throughout the duration of your campaign, you will also benefit from live monitoring and the real-time support of our Client Success Team.


Alternatively, if you want your sales team to focus strictly on the appointments, our Turn Key Solution allows you to use our Virtual BDC, who will handle all inbound calls and text messages, and book them straight into appointments for your team.

10. What does it cost?


The price of our campaigns vary depending on the location of your dealership. We have a number of different programs that range from $2995 and $7995 with our Turn Key Solution. It is also notable that the ROI on our system is through the roof! Usually a 20-30X return on investment.

11. I’m not sure we have room in our budget...


It’s all about priority spending. Remember, this isn't advertising or marketing - this is a sales tool that drives sales with an instantly trackable ROI. We like to say: If I ask you for $1, and then give you $10 back, would you take that deal? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

12. Sounds interesting but we already have our promotions planned out for the next couple months.

Our programs are in such high-demand, we do recommend taking the first steps to book early and reserve your place in our schedule. Also keep in mind that you can run our program alongside other programs. It doesn't matter what incentives you have on, what brand or region you're in, or the size of your store. We get the same results 100% of the time! 

13. But I need results THIS MONTH! 

If you want to put in an urgent request, we may be able to launch in as little as 3 days. 

14. What do we need to get started?

Once you have had your initial program demo with one of our account executives, all we need is a signature on our service agreement, and up to 1000 contacts including:

  • Home Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Email

15. We don't want to learn any other softwares or incorporate any new technology. 

You won’t have to. We set everything up! You will have access to our dashboard, where you can view results, listen to calls, or check-in on text conversations. It's all very simple and intuitive. A member of our Client Success Team can walk anyone through the dashboard in about 30 seconds. 

16. Do you have any guarantees on your results?

Yes! We won't hesitate to put our money where our mouth is. If you don't receive at least a 21% inbound response rate you don't owe us a dime! 

17. Tell me more about your program… 

To put it simply, our dealer partners love us. In fact, 97% of our clients who try our program run a second campaign soon after. What does that tell you? 


You will receive an incredible amount of support, monitoring, data analysis, and coaching, that will change the way you look at all your sales activities. Plus, you will sell 15-20 more vehicles on top of the other promotions you have going on! 

18. Do you have any references?

Absolutely! Check out our Google and Facebook reviews. These are real clients and real results.

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