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5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Dominating the Sales Floors in 2020

Let’s be honest, it’s GOOOOOD to be a woman.

I don’t even mean that in a “women’s lib” kind of way. I mean it because I am one. And although we often deal with tougher things than men on the grand scale (cue pregnancy followed by CHILD BIRTH to name a few) I’m still happy to be a woman, and endure it all with grace and gusto.

Adversity gives us women character. An edge. But most of all, it shows the true strength and power we innately possess. PERIOD. And why would the universe bestow these wonderful powers upon us if we couldn’t handle it, AMIRITE???

I’ve been in and out of the auto world for about a decade now, and I can say with absolute certainty that this industry in particular has a little more ‘grit’ than others. The sales floors and sales management teams are predominantly a man’s world for lack of better terminology. Sorry dudes, but I’ve seen it for myself. And maybe to some, it looks like too much for a girl to handle. Well, I am here to debunk that.

With that, let’s jump right into the 5 main reasons women belong on the sales floor.

1. We are Skilled at Balancing Work-Loads

We wear a million hats. As leaders, we’re instinctually skilled at cultivating a workplace culture that shows compassion and defined boundaries. This leads to a more loyal, receptive, hard-working staff, that feel understood and respected.

2. We are Great Shoppers

I can say that with personal confidence. So why wouldn’t we have more women helping us shop and close a deal together? Women GET me. They’ll tell me I look cute in the driver seat and it’ll feel great, not creepy. It’s very simple.

3. We need to Level Out the Playing Field

Unfortunately, when you’re outnumbered, it is often more difficult to be recognized. If the sales floor and sales manager’s offices are dominated by men, women’s power is minimized. We’re not a novelty - we’re here to bust shit up.

4. Everyone Benefits

To this day, dealers continue to operate under non-conventional hours and archaic commission pay structures. These are what keep a lot of women away from the sales floor. Mother’s raising young families typically will not give that much time to a workplace under those conditions or pay structures - they just won’t. However, with our savvy technology and online presence, we are allowed more freedom away from the desk. If women were ruling the sales floors, I assure you, these male dominated ideals would dissipate, and the male quotient on the sales floor would appreciate and benefit from it as well!

5. More Representation for Your Customers

84% of women make the vehicle purchase decision for the household. That is a very impressive and scalable number that us women have achieved. Let’s be honest… Big purchases of any consequence and aesthetic quality in a household are pretty much our jam, right? Customers are more comfortable, and can connect more easily, with a salesperson they can relate to. Simple as that.

So, on that note, to all the dealers reading this… It’s time to seriously start getting those savvy, smart, striking, powerhouse females on those sales floors. Get more of them running the show and watch the magic happen.

Remember the good ol’ adage - “Behind every great man stands a great woman.”

Turns out it’s been the truth and the way since the very beginning.

- Lauren Cruise


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