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"I have never seen the immediate results of an event like this before. Literally the phone was ringing every 2 minutes, and the overwhelming appointments we were able to make was more than what we would do in a month."

Sun Valley Nissan


"I’ve been in the business 25 years and never seen anything like Cruise. If I would have put money on this, I would have lost! I couldn’t believe the level of activity. In fact, some of our sales guys said these were the easiest sales they’ve ever made."

Southpoint Toyota


"We did 21 new units during the event, and are still getting residuals from it this week. So needless to say, I'm very happy and would recommend you to anyone who asks."

Uptown Kia

Jon Doe

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Kiera Fogg

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James Doe

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"Your lead program is the best I’ve seen! The response was immediate and we sold vehicles! When can we do it again?!"

Murray Chevrolet GMC


"I cant' believe how great your program was. The calls came in immediately – it was busy in here. I didn't believe you but you were right!"

Bannister Ford


"I really didn't expect the results you said you were going to get for us... Really unbelievable!! Let's run again next month!"

Murray GM


"Month end is here and I am happy to say our Kia dealership has performed better than the other Kia dealers in our market."

Northland Kia


"The phone blew up within 40 minutes of launching the campaign! We were all scrambling to handle the leads! Safe to say we saw an immediate ROI like we've never seen before!"

Gauthier Cadillac Buick GMC


"Your program did exactly what I thought it would do... It way more than paid for itself."

Advantage Ford


"Had a great experience working with Dave and his team at Cruise Dealer Accelerator. During this time of Covid-19, it provided us with a way to thoughtfully reach out to our customers and generate business. Will definitely continue to utilize their services."

Metrotown Mazda


"The ongoing training and support for our Kelowna Chevrolet sales team was priceless! They helped us to maximize every lead and we're looking forward to our next campaign."

Kelowna Chevrolet


"I am a sales & Leasing Consultant of 15 years and I have to say this is the 1st Campaign I have seen that is actually producing some real results. We have been slammed with calls into the dealership by OUR Clients... It is our 3rd day and I am very impressed with the traffic Cruise has produced for us. Thank you, Cruise, and keep up the great work! We look forward to the next campaign!"

Feeny Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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