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#1 lead and prospecting tool on the market.

Cruise Dealer Accelerator is a powerful system that we've carefully honed and perfected with hundreds of dealerships to deliver guaranteed results, or you don't pay.



Together we craft the perfect plan to engage your unique group of customers.


We work closely with your sales team to convert new inbound leads into revenue.


Designed to run month-over-month, year-over-year to yield consistent results.

Loyalty Is Key

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A well-honed system designed to run year-round, without exhausting your network, we take your existing database and convert it into consistent revenue.


Be a legend,

not a one-hit-wonder.

The average household will buy 36 vehicles in a lifetime - but rarely more than 2-3 from one particular dealer. Yet, dealerships tend to spend most of their marketing dollars on conquest marketing, instead of keeping their current customers away from their competitors.

At Cruise, we take a different approach, offering a one-of-a-kind tool that automates prospecting within your hard-earned database. The Cruise Dealer Accelerator has nailed this down to a science, with carefully chosen programs, cued up to run in the perfect sequence. Our outreach and follow up are completely authentic and guaranteed to generate results. Our first-time dealerships average between 15-20 vehicle sales and 200-300 inbound leads.

• It's a tool, not a sale or gimmick

• Run it alone or alongside any existing campaign

• 21% inbound leads, guaranteed, or you don't pay

• Get your sales team busy and active again

• Customer retention focused

• Unmatched ROI

• Automated prospecting & follow up

• One-on-one coaching and support

It's an absolute no-brainer. In fact, we're so confident in our program that we guarantee it will generate a minimum 21% inbound response rate, or you don't pay!


Let the Cruise BDC team handle your campaign

from start to finish.

Turn-Key Solution

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"I cant' believe how great your program was. The calls came in immediately – it was busy in here. I didn't believe you but you were right!"


"Month end is here and I am happy to say our Kia dealership has performed better than the other Kia dealers in our market."


"Your lead program is the best I've seen! The response was immediate and we sold vehicles! When can we do it again?!"

Bannister Ford

Murray Chevrolet GMC

Northland Kia

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