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5 Ways We Are Different in 2020

If you worked with us in the past, you may have known us as Cruise Digital Agency. However, we found that the word “agency” was no longer reflective of the truly innovative product that we had developed. With our bold new look, and straight-to-the-point attitude, we are better able to showcase the powerful lead generating tool that we are.

So how do our changes benefit YOU?

1 - Cruise Digital Agency to Cruise Dealer Accelerator

Since the founding of Cruse Digital Agency in 2006, our focus has been to help our clients engage with their customers, and build authentic connections that ultimately lead to sales. Designed to run alone or alongside any other marketing campaign, our program generates real sales, month-over-month, without exhausting the dealer’s database. No private sale. No gimmicks. No balloons.

2- We Are Not an Agency... We Are a Tool!

After working tirelessly to hone in on methods that work, and discarding the rest, we found that what we had created is actually a very powerful tool that is unmatched in the industry.

3- We Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

cruise digital agency cruise dealer accelerator sales funnel canadian dealer marketing tool lead generating automated prospecting

On average, it takes 90 days to form a profitable sales funnel. This is why our

new approach is both constant and cumulative, with each campaign designed to build upon the last. In fact, an average campaign will yield between 15-20 vehicle sales and 200-300 inbound leads.

4 - We Help You Build Real Relationships

Building strong relationships is an element that has been missing in the auto sales world. Alongside our program, we will work closely with your team, training them to build lasting relationships with their clients. It’s a powerful system that offers a competitive edge unlike any other by strengthening your sales team and fostering genuine client relationships – which in turn, convert!

5 - We strengthen your sales team

We provide one-on-one coaching and call monitoring, which results in a stronger sales team, and improves conversion rates by about 30% per campaign. Your team will develop better conversation skills each time you run!

Cruise is already helping more than a thousand trusted partners keep their hard-earned customers away from their competitors. So, what are you waiting for?

*** Please note that we are no longer operating as Cruise Digital or Cruise Digital Agency within the U.S. or Canada. Please feel free to check the legitimacy of any outreach you receive by contacting


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