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Your False Assumptions are Killing Your Leads (Part 1)

Just like your grandad used to say… When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. This is especially true in auto sales. Your false assumptions are creating belief-systems that are not based on proof, potentially resulting in wasted leads.

Even the best sales-people waste quality leads; often leaving one poor message and forgetting about it. These contacts you have invested so much time and money into hold true value IF they are nurtured and treated with respect.

Here are 3 ways you can combat assumptions and start getting the most out of your leads:

1. Stop Making Excuses

Assuming the lead is a dead-end after they ignored your first attempt at reaching out is a common mistake made by salespeople. Never make an excuse to avoid following up with a potential customer. Silence is not the same as a no. Which leads us into the next point...

2. Stay on Them Aggressively

Most sales are made after 6 - 12 points of contact! Don’t be afraid to let them know you want their business. You should be making 4 - 5 attempts on the FIRST DAY. Leave a couple voicemails. Text them. Email them. Do whatever it takes to show that you are serious about working with them. Hit them hard the first day and continue to follow-up. After this, you can keep them in your contact cycle or communication drip for the next 90 days.

3. Focus on Long-Term Relationships

You cannot plant a seed and expect to harvest immediately. Similarly, assuming your lead is worthless because they are not in the market today is a missed opportunity tomorrow. Valuable and frequent conversations work to serve your customers and build relationships. By getting them excited about your offer, you can bring them into the market sooner, and generate even more leads through positive experiences and referrals.

It’s time to call yourself - and each other - out on excuses and false assumptions. Any reason you have for not following up with a lead should be backed up by hard evidence, not assumptions. Did they say no, or not yet? Did they ignore your first attempt, or your first 10 attempts? Challenge yourself to be aware of your thoughts so you can avoid making excuses that hurt your sales in the long run.


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