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Is an Automated Marketing Campaign Right For My Dealership?

What is an automated prospecting system, and is it right for you?

We’ve all seen the loud, in-your-face, ballon-filled sales campaigns run by every Bob, Dick, and Harry in the auto sales industry.




If you’re like most auto dealers, you probably run sales like these all the time. Maybe you see some ROI, maybe you don’t. But one thing is certain: gimmicky campaigns like these can offer a quick boost in numbers now, but the opportunities soon dry up.

So how can you fill your sales funnel to ensure a steady flow of prospects down the road? Start by automating your database outreach, and focusing your energy on motivated and interested customers.

What is an automated prospecting system?

It’s pretty simple, actually. We take your existing database, create a multi pronged strategy, curate the perfect messages specific to the tone and “hook” you need to convey, and send it out to hundreds of your contacts using our multi touch outreach system, in just a few days. It’s easy, fast, and GUARANTEED to work.

Is this just a way to advertise a sale?

No! While our programs can run alongside any sales you have going on, some of our most successful campaigns have been run without the use of incentives or promotions.

Isn’t my sales team already doing this?

Short answer? No. Salespeople are notorious for avoiding database outreach. Even if they weren’t, there is no way your sales team could reach 250+ customers per day and still have time to sell vehicles. In fact, sales teams LOVE our system, because we bring motivated, qualified prospects right to the showroom floor, every time.

Will we see immediate ROI?

Yep! Our dealers typically sell an additional 15-20 cars the first time they run our program, often seeing 20x-30x return on investment.

What happens after we’ve hit the entire database?

Ours is a well-honed system, designed to run year-round, without exhausting your network. We have carefully curated our programs to run back-to-back, allowing your store to develop loyal and trusting relationships with your customers by keeping them in your communication drip. Even our dealers who think they have already hit their database too hard are still seeing 200-300 inbound leads with our program. That just proves how successful our methods are!

What makes Cruise so unique?

Forget the one-of-a-kind technology… Our success all comes down to psychology. After thousands and thousands of campaigns, we have perfected the style, tone, pace, messaging, sequence, and timing of our outgoing messages. Your customers will sense your authenticity, and begin the process of building trust with your store. By actually talking to people and opening up conversations, you will be setting up future considerations, generating lead referrals, and seeing amazing results from the relationships you build.

Our guaranteed 21% inbound response rate is just an awesome bonus!

But is it right for my dealership?

If you depend on the big dancing balloon man in your parking lot to bring customers into your showroom, or you believe your salesmen when they say they made 1000 calls off your database this week, you may not see the benefit of having Cruise do your prospecting for you. But if you’re ready for your phones to be ringing off the hook, and see your sales team break their own personal sales records, we are ready for your call.


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