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5 Easy Ways You Can Improve Communication in Sales

Why will a prospect buy from you when a nearly identical vehicle is available down the street? Because you’re not just selling them a vehicle. You’re selling the experience of purchasing that vehicle. They will buy from you because you made the effort to communicate effectively with them, and that earned their trust.

As humans, we are hardwired with reservation and distrust; especially when it comes to meeting salespeople. In order to break through that barrier, the salesperson is forced to practice their communication skills and connect with their prospect on the most basic level.

Earn their trust, and you earn their business.

While everyone’s style of communicating is unique, we have compiled a list of 5 easy ways you can improve your sales appointments by simply communicating better. These simple practices will have a positive impact on your customers, your rate of referrals, and ultimately your sales.

5 Easy Ways You Can Improve your Sales Communication:

1. Take inventory of your emotional intelligence

EI is simply the ability to sense, understand, and apply the power of your own emotions while interacting with others. In order to communicate effectively, you must be sensitive to the emotions and unspoken concerns of your customer. (Check out our blog Improve Your Sales by Improving Your Emotional Intelligence)

2. Expand your focusing ability

If you find yourself checking your phone, put it away. If you notice you can’t go 10 minutes without looking at your watch, don’t wear one. People notice when someone’s attention is drifting, leaving them feeling annoyed and neglected.

3. Speak less, listen more

Avoid filling the silence with your own sales pitch. Ask open-ended questions, and get to the heart of your customer’s feelings, concerns, and expectations. Let your prospect feel heard, and you can then engage in meaningful conversations that produce real value.

4. Keep an open mind

Stop making judgements about your prospects. Listen carefully, then offer feedback based on care and understanding. Only then will you be able to build trusting relationships, and open the door to many more possibilities. (Read our blog about How False Assumptions are Killing Your Prospecting).

5. Intentional Body Language

Visual communication is as important as

verbal communication. Practice noticing your posture and gestures. Do you appear confident, interested, and focused? Do you close yourself off by crossing your arms? Does maintaining eye contact feel natural to you, or is it something you need to work on? Be intentional with your body language. The more you practice, the easier it will become.

Remember that quality communication is the basis of all relationships - business or otherwise. Working on improving these skills will be instrumental in building trust, connection, and respect with your customers.

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